The Vehicle


Our Trusty Companion

Kate and Grif attended a bus auction in New Haven, CT where they secured, for the entirely reasonable price of $600, a 1998 Ford Corbiel handicapped school bus. The bus has about 120,000 miles, a pleasing yellow glow, and a hydraulic wheel chair lift, which will double as a sidecar for drinking cocktails in the Gobi Desert. The bus seats 8 + 2 wheelchairs + a driver and the engine is a Ford E350 7.3L Diesel. We plan on donating the bus to a school upon our (hopeful) arrival in Ulaanbaatar.


4 Responses to The Vehicle

  1. Mr.G says:

    For about $1500 you can run the bus on Veggie oil. Then you will have no fuel cost on the trip… so long as you can get wasted fryer oil from restaurants. You can also switch back and forth form Diesel to Veggie at a push of a button in case you have no Veggie oil. Here is the info: Greasecar sells the KIT and if you need advice/help, I have installed it on a VW diesel with High School students.

  2. Kevin says:

    How much work did you have to put into the bus before shipping it over to the UK?

    • Grif says:

      Installed a sound system, put flames on the side. Needed a new alternator, brake lines and battery but other than that she was good to go. Had a few flats/blowouts along the way, but no real trouble.

      • Kevin says:

        Flames seem the most necessary. In term’s of shipping and registering the bus in the UK, any advice?

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