Robin met Grif at a wedding reception in a Bazoches country house south of Paris, where he was delivering a typical Kosovar toast in honor of the bridegroom and his fetching young catch Princess Tefta Kelmendi of Prishtina. He later admitted to not knowing the couple and had randomly stumbled upon the wedding party after a game of capture the flag that originated in the 16th arrondissement went awry.  Grif and Robin bonded that afternoon by taking fake model pictures in their suits in front of a swimming pool, with the idea of later adding ironic statements to the bottom of the photos, not unlike lolcats or that anteater website. Unfortunately, they were using a Holga camera and none of the photographs came out. They later laughed about this, but that was years later. Robin is a Professor of some sort at Sciences Po in Paris, recently teaching a scintillating course entitled “Vocal performance and body language: a study of theatre and politics in 20th century drama“. He is also the only person ever to have met his girlfriend because he was looking for somebody to provide Serbo-Croatian subtitles to a documentary film he was working on. We are currently fielding ideas as to what Robin should do with his facial hair for the race.


3 Responses to Robin

  1. seb says:

    I know what he should do with his facial hair: keep it, but shave the head! have fun on the trip.

  2. Dan the mad French man says:

    I’m a fan of your work Robin!

  3. Davey D. Master Blind says:

    Yeah, “Professor of some sort” definitely applies to Robin, aka “Robbie Rob’z” when it comes to teaching…;-) One of his greatest qualities is probably to make toasts, and crash weddings. Guys, please do something with his hair! Cheers! Good luck with the trip!

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