We at 2BIG2FAIL are priviledged and honoured to have Kishor participate as the youngest and most senior member of our Team.  This international man of mystery is a rare and dynamic figure.  He is an uncompromising, consummate professional with a quick sense of humour, charisma, and divine “bad-boy rep” that eclipses that of his former Wall Street colleagues.
Probably the oldest 2011 Mongol Rally participant, Kishor is a elegantly debonair, passionate, and selfless humanitarian.  It is no wonder that this Afro-Asian-Anglo-American renaissance man and intrepid global adventurist is endearingly referred by Anglophones as “Dandy K”, Asians as “Swami K”, Hispanophones as “Papi Chulo”, and by Turkophones as “Paşababa”.
Kishor has spent over three decades wallowing in the murky, alligator and python infested swamps of south Florida, authoring such monumentally innovative and ground-breaking treatises as: Cooking with Thorazine for Family and Friends, acclaimed by the James Beard Foundation as “the seminal 21st century culinary arts chef d’oeuvre”.  His other magnum opus, recommended as requisite reading for all adults by the United Nations World Health Organisation is Lithium:  Proactive Prenatal Care for a Healthy Start.


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