Bear Hat

Jose Marti By Bear Hat

Bear Hat was adopted by Grif in late August 2007 from an orphanage (ie. toy shop) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since then, he has made a name for himself in the New York social circuit as well as certain minor international scenes such as Icelandic electro-pop and the Parisian bourgeoise. He is an eager and amicable fellow, always willing to make new friends. In early 2011, he suffered a major trauma that will likely shape the rest of his life. After being loaned to a sick friend for support, the evil temptress Valentina held B.H. hostage even after she fully regained health and was no longer in need of B.H.’s TLC. He was holed up in Valentina’s Upper East Side haunt, not being allowed to contact his father and possibly being withheld food and drink. Initial reports have indicated that she stuffed him in her sock drawer. He was secretly returned with not so much as a note in mid February. We are all happy to have him back. B.H. has neither a driver’s license nor opposable thumbs so he will be joining the rally purely for moral support and head warmth. Connect with him on Facebook here.


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