Our Sponsors

In addition to our own families, we want to thank the following individuals, families, and institutions for their tremendous support, and for helping us to meet our fundraising goals:

Barbara Bangser
Alison Barker
David Bird
Terence Bradshaw

Christine Brigham
Jason Brander
Randy Campbell
Elizabeth Canavan-Palermo
Brian Canty
Raj Chanderraj
Lisa Cloitre

Annie Coreno
Joann DeMaso
Katherine Dines
The DiOrio Family
Matt Eckhouse
Emma & Anna

Kristina Flanagan
Charles Gamper
Fairfield Auto & Truck

Frank Glazer
Ann Gorostiza
John Greenwood
Bryant Griffin
The Hakes Family
Charles Hely
Cynthia Hillas
Alex Jenny
Chris Jenny
Omar Kanafani
Alex Kapelman
Mike Krutza
The Kwong Family
Carol & Bob Leone
William Lisman
David Loevner
Jia Lou

Patricia Mann
Melina Marmarelis

Marquardt Family
Leigh McDermott
Craig McKenna
Madeline McLean
Suzanne McNitt
Kelly Michaelsen
Seema Michon

Safdar & Bev Mirza
Kevin Morin
Sue Murphy

Amer & Kristen Nimr
Alisha Nuger
Thomas Oliphant
The Parthenon Group
Laura Pearlstein
Matt Pearson
Doug & Leslie Peterson
Kent Peterson
Alan & Julie Rauch
Ellen Reilly
Chris & George Renton
Candace Elder Sabey
Molly Schpero
Stu & Jean Serebetz

Robert Shlachter
Natalya Shulga
Karen Stam
Michael & Denise Stern
Don & Susan Stuart

Adarsh Suresh
Eileen Thomson
Michael Topol
Monica Vildostegui
Kristen Weiss
Carol Sue Whitehouse
Michael Whitticom
Eric Wild
John Williams
Brian Wynne

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