In Conclusion

One year ago, our school bus was floating somewhere on the North Atlantic, we all had jobs different than the ones we currently hold, and we had no idea what was ahead of us.

We are thrilled to have finished the rally and also to have raised over $25,000 – more money than any other team (we have been told). We hope that this blog can serve as a resource or inspiration for future travelers, Mongol Rally or otherwise. (See our Mongol Rally packing list here). Since last September when we last parted ways under an immense blue Mongolian sky, we have moved, changed jobs, graduated, and in one case, got engaged.

Casey graduated magna cum laude from Middlebury College in May and is now working at the Urban Land Institute in Washington, DC.

Jamie had an externship at KEEN, and is now enrolled in Stanford Graduate School of Business for the fall. Oh, and she’s the engaged one.

Kate is now gainfully employed at the Museum of Modern Art and finally has her perfect Lower East Side apartment.

Kishor, well…last we heard he was in Southeast Asia.

Robin has consolidated his professor-load into one school, St. Louis. It’s near the Pantheon and he was happy about it, that’s all I remember.

Tommy is focusing on being a great uncle and is about to kayak the length of the Thames, though he’s not even sure what a kayak is.

I have moved to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and work in the Academic Affairs department at the University of Central Asia. I still write and maintain a listserve, the Kyrgyzstandard. Anybody interested in receiving more updates from Central Asia is welcome to email me at grifpeterson(at)gmail(dot)com and I will add you.

We thank you again for your patronage and support during our journey. May the adventure never end.


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One Response to In Conclusion

  1. Sarah says:

    Ok, Grif, you are officially the inspiration for our 2013 rally entry! Team Dixie Chicken Bus is registered for next year, and we are looking for our short bus! I’ve been following this year’s teams closely, especially the folks doing the southerly route. Thanks again for your encouragement-I am sure I will have plenty more questions along the way as we prep for next summer! All the best to you!

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