What’s in a Name?

Since the beginning of time, we here at 2BIG2FAIL have been struggling to think of a name for our bus. We knew the naming process wasn’t something that we could rush but, like love, it would simply come to us one afternoon, sit next to us at the soda fountain, and order a root beer float.
The bus’s rounded top exuded a feminie demeanor, but the roar of it’s 7.3L V8 Diesel dripped with masculinity. It wasn’t until the addition of carstache that we could confirm the bus’s gender as man. More than anything, the bus has been a reliable, dependent, friend and we wanted a name that reflected that.
It is with great excitement, then, that we can announce that our golden steed has been bestowed with the name Wayne in honor of Kate and my colleague. Wayne has provided us with countless hours of help at our job over the past few years. He has been a true friend and we are happy to be able to honor him this way. There will be a naming ceremony in London at 14:00GMT on Wednesday, July 20.


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