Weekend Update Part 2

Apologies for the delayed post…we have been finalizing a lot of things around here and am only now getting around to synthesizing our thoughts.
The weekend was odd. Our bus broke down late last week, tearing at the hearts of the little financial analysts we had promised a ride to work. After a nearly impossible jumpstart thanks to our dear friend Johny from AAA, I drove the bus back to CT for an inspection at the auto shop. As it poured rain and I awaited the tow truck, I wrote a piece about confronting uncertainty that I hope to post in the coming days.
Anyways, like I mentioned, the weekend was odd. Kishor arrived in his doublebreasted magnificence early Saturday morning bearing nothing but a silver Neiman Marcus bag filled to the brim with mangos, as per usual. His luggage had been lost and he was in a lighthearted tiff. We headed to Connecticut in the afternoon drizzle unsure of whether or not the bus had been fixed. With no word from the mechanics, we enlisted the help of my neighbor, Jim Harman (pictured below), who provided his electrical expertise. We were able to diagnose what we believed to be the problem and picked up the requisite spare part. Everybody cheered when I emerged from beneath the bus with a bit of grease on my hands and face and I kind of felt like the evil fiancee in The Parent Trap who pretended to be outdoorsy but really had no idea what is going on.
Sunday was meant to be our big master class with the mechanic, who promised to assuage all of our fears of the unknown and help us diagnose common problems along the road. That would have been awesome, except he didn’t show up. So instead, Casey made chocolate chip gingerbread cookies which tasted delicious but probably won’t be much of a help when our bus is broken down in Uzbekistan.
We were able to swing by Pep Boys, where Mike and Wes were eager to help us diagnose the few remaining issues and get the bus back to top shape (pictures below). So cheers to the two of them and Jim, who really made the weekend a success.
Jamie came down from Boston and it was great to have the 5 of us together. By the time the weekend came to an end, I felt confident that we had made progress and were one step closer to Mongolia.
It was a bit strange, as I walked out of my parents house Sunday evening, to look back through the window to the living room and see my mother, father, Casey, Scooby, and Kishor sitting on the sofa watching TV, but I’ll get over it.


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