Meet The Parents

Imagine for a moment you are going on a blind four-way date with three people you have already signed a marriage license with. Now imagine all of your parents are sitting at the restaurant with you when you meet for the first time. That was what Saturday was like for 2BIG2FAIL when Kishor, Kate, Grif, and Bear Hat all convened for the first time on a cloudless afternoon in Connecticut. The dogwoods were in bloom and the bus was looking extra shiny when we sat down together to vet each other out and determine whether or not Kishor is actually planning on crossing borders in fishnets and stilettos (he is). But for some reason, we’re (read: I’m) fine with it. We had a wonderful weekend planning the public launch of our donations and media campaign, which should be as soon as midweek. In addition to the photo gallery below, I’ll leave you with an anecdote.
Minutes after meeting, Kishor and I were walking down the Highline and I was expressing my anxiety over whether or not we would all get our visas back in time. Kishor patiently heard out my story before sternly looking at me and explaining, “Grif, at many points in life there will be something that seems like the absolute most important thing in the world. But guess what, it’s not. None of it actually really matters. The only thing in life that really matters is ice cream.”


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  1. Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

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