2BIG2FAIL in New York!

We had a very successful day today stripping the bus of its educational past and reapplying our own vinyl lettering to the sides. Kate and I, in addition to longtime 2B2F supporter Bradley and the man whose idea it was to do this whole trip (but is currently not planning on doing it) Kevin, headed out to Connecticut to pick the bus up at the shop. Bob and Kyle at Fairfield Auto and Truck have done an amazing job fixing up the bus and have been very generous in terms of donating parts and labor free of charge. We now have a great soundsystem, rally lights, and apparently some other things that actually affect the bus’s ability to drive. Anyways, we took the bus back to my house, after stopping by a high school girls lacrosse car wash (see awkward picture of me attached) where they did a great job cleaning the bottom 2/3s of the bus. After applying new lettering to the bus, we drove into New York, touring it through the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan before settling it in for the night in Chelsea. Photos of the day below.

If you come across the bus on the street, leave us a note on the windshield!


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