This was a comment we received on our old website. For some reason Kate and I decided it was a good idea to email him back. He soon became our third team member.

Oy, this faineant needs me some charity!
As an accomplished ne’er-do-well, I relies on the kindness of strangers to survive. Needless to say, I am the perfect Team-mate and companion for the 2011 Mongol Rally as I am udderly and completely useless.
Me dainty, well manicured, callous-free hands have never experienced a day’s work nor has me rather attractive, curvaceous bottom been subjected to creature discomfort.
In short, me desperately needs a spot, any spot, on your 2011 Mongol Rally Team! I haves me a full head of hair, all me natural teeth, and of course, I be eminently, me sez eminently qualified for the 2011 Mongol Rally!
Do not hesitate to contact me directly at to discuss my participation and potential sponsorship. I may be able to secure afforadable, quality automobile, health, and travel insurance.


About Grif

Going to Mongolia
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